mimicry is an instinctive behavior

Neuroscience has demonstrated that mimicry involves “mirror neurons”. It is thanks to them that we learn and understand the gestures of others.

At the behavioral level, mimicry is a fundamental learning mechanism that involves synchronizing one’s own gestures with those of the imitated person.

Mimicry intervenes for all kinds of learning and in particular for the acquisition of techniques and mental mechanisms

mimicry is closely associated with learning

Reproducing a gesture is the basis for memorizing a technique.

It is by seeing the other doing that we imagine the usefulness or the interest of the thing done, at the same time as we discover the appearance that this gesture takes. Then, it is by reproducing the gesture that one discovers its difficulty, and that one forges a memory of the sequence of elementary actions (at the muscular and conscious level) necessary for its accomplishment.

Mimicry intervenes for all kinds of learning and the acquisition of techniques.

The Profdepiano.com piano learning method is based on this natural and instinctive mechanism and offers educational solutions different from academic methods. Work through training is made more fun but will still be essential for progress.


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