The piano method

What does the profdepiano method bring?

The method is designed to allow as many people as possible to learn to play the piano or get back to the piano without theoretical or academic background.

Easy, allowing rapid progress, without music theory, Profdepiano makes you progress with a visual animation indicating what to play with the right fingering, that is to say the numbers of the fingers, and with adjustable speed of execution.

You will learn your favorite pieces at home, at your own pace, with Profdepiano

Demonstration of our method for beginners and experienced pianists

Who has not dreamed at least once in their life of playing the piano or getting back to the piano The Profdepiano method offers to help you achieve this dream.

  • Easy to use by choosing the song you want to play from a catalog of more than 200 titles classified by level of difficulty and in all genres
  • Playful without music theory and without academic constraints that can often discourage. An animation on a virtual keyboard* shows you the notes and fingerings to play with adjustable speed.
  • Instantly accessible by download, you receive your files and scores at your home according to the formula purchased.
  • Accessible by its price from €5,50 per piece, without subscription, which makes it the cheapest method on the market.
  • Motivating, because each title is supplied with the orchestral tape which allows you to play your piece accompanied by an orchestra* to awaken the pianist who is in you.
  • Sur mesure avec la formule optionnelle cours particulier sur rendez-vous en visioconférence. Vous choisissez une plage de rendez-vous et vous commencez votre cours particulier à distance avec Zoom.

The profdepiano method is simple and accessible to everyone who wants to play or get back to the piano.
A catalog of more than 200 pieces classified by style and by level will allow you to realize your dream: to play the piano or to get back to the piano.

* exclusives

How it works ?

The method can be used on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Découvrez votre niveau de piano, c'est facile, simple et pas cher pour jouer du piano sans solfège à son rythme en se faisant plaisir.

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