is a brand of SARL Clavix   located in Albi in the Tarn department in France

Date of birth: February 2005

Motivation of the company: awaken the pianist who is in each of us.

Why ? nearly 5 million people have played the piano as an amateur. Most of them, more than 80%, have stopped or given up for various reasons: blockage with regard to music theory, courses that are too academic, not enough time, too expensive, etc…. This observation reveals a frustration for many who keeps somewhere the desire to get into it or get back into it.

What does offer? response from Dominique Billet, graduate of the National Conservatory of the Toulouse region, piano teacher, founder of

For the past 20 years I have been a full-time piano teacher. I was thus able to experiment with the elements of methods that brought the most results for amateur pianists on a population of around 2000 students. Let’s understand the term “results”, by which I mean: progress made in a “pleasure to play” atmosphere. In 2005 I chose to develop my job by offering a new offer of courses on the Internet. The objective of is to allow as many people as possible to play the piano, to play their favorite pieces from the classical, jazz and variety repertoires. is an unlimited private piano teacher at home to play at your own pace and having fun.

Dominique Billet creator of

Concretely, how does bring innovation to the world of piano teaching?

Our offer is aimed at all beginners or already practicing. It won the 2005 innovation prize awarded by OSEO (formerly ANVAR). The prices are very accessible since our catalog starts at €5.50. With, the amateur pianist chooses from a catalog of pieces, the titles he wants to play. By downloading he receives on his computer a complete animated course. The songs cover several levels of difficulty.

This complete course meets all expectations whether you have knowledge of music theory or not. simply shows you with an animated keyboard, exclusive to, the playing of both hands with fingerings and adjustable speed of execution. No music theory, visualize the result to reproduce, play.

For each piece, an instrumental playback, exclusive to, allows you to play your piece with the accompaniment of a whole orchestra!!!