Want to easily get back to playing the piano ?

Many adults learnt to play the piano during their childhood, but gave up for other hobbies or because of their busy schedule. Today, many people secretly dream of playing the piano again. Easier said than done, where to start to get back to playing the piano as an adult ?

Getting back to playing the piano as an adult can seem an impossible challenge, however some methods allow to awaken the pianist within you in a pleasing way.

Stimulate your motivation !

We adults are way more performant in our way to learn because we know ourselves better and we are more efficient in our work, but also because our motivation is stronger : if we make the choice to getting back to playing an instrument such as the piano late is often a thoughtful reflection

Control your stress !

With our busy lives, we sometimes struggle to persevere. But just as we should physically exercise everyday, it’s important to play the piano daily, even for ten minutes. It’s an excellent exercise for the brain. To obtain cognitive benefits, we have to play in front of a public, even if it’s only friends or family. It puts our brain under a state of positive stress and valuation to which it responds very well.

A little rusty ? It’s time to get back to playing the piano !

Discover a positive method !

Reading a score has always been attractive to you, but you’ve never had the strength to face Mr Music Thoery. He also has discouraged you and it’s the reason why you stopped. Why not try an other method for instance music by ear or with the help of tutorials.Internet remains a wonderful tool for anyone wishing to learn or get back to playing the piano.

As a child, you didn’t have the chance to access all the available content, but today it’s possible and you’d be wrong to refuse it !

For instance, piano teachers regularly upload video tutorials on platforms such as profdepiano.com, to help you play a specific score step by step. They guide you through techniques and explain to you how to improve at any level. That way even if you can’t afford paying for private lessons, you can still benefit some of its advantages.

Everyone can get back to playing the piano, even after many years. Motivation, organisation and encouragement will help you regain self-confidence. You will be proud of your choice.

Tuto, Profdepiano.com propose to you :

Prelude n°1 in C Major from J.S. Bach

With this tutorial are indicated the score, for those who know music theory, and in the keyboard beneath the notes and the fingers, for those who do not easily read a score. Take the leap and find the joys of piano with our method :

Discover your piano level

Profdepiano.com, it's easy, simple and inexpensive to play the piano without music theory at your own pace while having fun.

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