Depending on the option chosen, you will receive one or more files:

  • The score file is in form-xxx.pdf

This is the score of the printable piece. File present subject to permissions.

  • The animated-score file is in the form-xxx.html

This is the animated score of your song. Once opened in your browser, you can “listen” to your score by clicking on the play symbol.

  • The backing track file is in form-xxx .mp3

This is the backing band for your piece. You will be able to play your song with an orchestra by broadcasting it in the headphones of your mp3 player

  • The video file is in the form-xxx.mp4

This is the animated video of your song with fingerings and adjustable playback speed.

the user manual.pdf file

call of the functions of the different files received

content generally found in the different options:

fichiers option 1 : la partition imprimable (sous réserves d’autorisation)

standard formula file : printable score with fingerings in pdf and animated sheet o both hands with fingerings in html on your browser.

premium formula files : the content of standard formula and the video with animated keyboard, fingerings, asjustable execution speed and playback accompaniement in mp3 to play just like with an orchestra.

Happy reading and awaken the pianist in you with