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Partition God save the king

Learn to play God save the King

Since the death of Queen Elisabeth, the anthem of the United Kingdom has become God save the king.

This beautiful melody was actually composed by Jean-Baptiste Lully, a Frenchman of Italian origin and composer to King Louis XIV.

Lully would have composed this music to wish his king a quick recovery from his health concerns. The little story tells that Handel passing through Paris would have memorized this score and would then have proposed it to the English court during a stay.

Custom made formulas with tutorials to learn to play God save the King

classified piece at Elementary level, level 3 in our catalog.

Course content

Standard Formula
The printable score with fingerings and the animated score for both hands with fingerings in html on your browser. Viewable on PC/Mac, cell phone or tablet
Premium formula
Standard formula content and video with animated keyboard, fingering, adjustable speed and mp3 playback accompaniment for orchestral-style playing