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Partition Unsquare dance by Dave Brubeck

Learn to play the piano unsquaredance by Dave Brubeck

Unsquare dance is a jazz standard composed by American pianist Dave Brubeck in 1961. As is often the case with this composer, the numbering of the measures displays 5/4 or 7/4.

Custom formulas with tutorials to learn to play unsquare dance composed by Dave Brubeck. Learn or revise directly on your piano by following the Profdepiano method. Strongly inspired by the blues but with a 7/4 time this piece is quite difficult to set up technically despite a deceptively simple appearance. Unsquare dance is classified at the confirmed level, level 5 in our catalog. If you are a beginner, we advise you to start with a piece of level 1 initiation or level 2 beginner.

Course content

Standard Formula
The animated score for both hands with fingerings in html on your browser. Viewable on PC/Mac, cell phone or tablet.
Premium formula
Standard formula content and video with animated keyboard, fingering, adjustable speed and mp3 playback accompaniment for orchestral-style playing