Partition you have legs to dance (Dim advertising music)

Learn to play the piano music from the Dim advertising

You have legs to dance
In the catalog of advertising music that has marked several generations, this remains among the most famous.

Music used for a French brand of tights, remember: pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pam.

The title of this music is evocative “you have legs to dance”

Custom made formulas with tutorials to learn to play Dim advertising music

Piece classified as elementary level, level 3. in our regidtery


Course content

Standard Formula
The printable score with fingerings and the animated score for both hands with fingerings in html on your browser. Viewable on PC/Mac, cell phone or tablet
Premium formula
Standard formula content and video with animated keyboard, fingering, adjustable speed and mp3 playback accompaniment for orchestral-style playing